Sharks of the World

By Ebert, Dando & Fowler

ISBN: 9780957394605

A visually beautiful and incredibly informative book!
If you want to learn more about shark biology, ecology and conservation, as well as be able to identify all 536 different species of sharks, this is the book for you!
Published in 2021, this is THE most up-to-date book I have found.
However, it is large and weighty, so if you are looking for a field guide, I would recommend the previous pocket-sized editions by these authors.


Pocket Guide to Sharks of the World

By Ebert, Dando & Fowler

ISBN: 9780691165998

A fabulous field guide for identifying different species of sharks.

Whilst very small and compact, this guide has a lot of detail, and is very informative regarding shark biology and ecology.

It is also very beautiful, with magnificent illustrations of each species.

If you are looking for a more extensive, meaty volume, I would recommend the new text-book edition by these authors, which is much larger; including more species and more information about shark ecology and conservation.


Shark Biology and Conservation

By Abel, Grubbs & Pullen

ISBN: 9781421438368

ISBN: 9781421438368