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Sophie Maycock Resume

My name is Sophie Maycock
& I am wildly passionate about sharks

During my studies, I realised that the communication to the public about sharks is pretty dismal...  But where a lot of people only hear about sharks in the news when they injure a human, there is a whole world of fascinating scientific research being done on these incredible animals. After studying and working with sharks for almost 15 years,  it is my hope that I can use my skills to translate overly complicated science, & make recent research in shark science & conservation open-access to everybody.

SharkSpeak is an entirely voluntary project. If you would like to support my work, pick up some merch in the Shop or make a voluntary donation.  All proceeds will go back into keeping the website running.


Reader Reviews

"Fantastic article[s]... easy to digest & backed by peer-reviewed publications"

- Shark Guardian Charity

"Always a joy to read... Nice, appealing story lines for a wider audience as well as for specialists"

- Dr Erwin Winter, Shark Research Scientist

"Closing the communication gap [between scientists & the public]"

- Kimberley Ray, Marine Conservation Network Director

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