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An introduction to Sophie SharkSpeak Maycock

- Reader Reviews -

"Fantastic article[s]... easy to digest & backed by peer-reviewed publications"

- Shark Guardian Charity

"Always a joy to read... Nice, appealing story lines for a wider audience as well as for specialists"

- Dr Erwin Winter, Shark Research Scientist

"Closing the communication gap [between scientists & the public]"

- Kimberley Ray, Director of the Marine Conservation Network


Shark Science for Everybody

My name is Sophie Maycock and I am wildly passionate about sharks.
During my studies, I realised that the communication to the public about sharks is pretty dismal...

 Most people only hear about sharks in the news in regards to fatal attacks on humans.
But there is a whole world of fascinating scientific research being done on these incredible animals.
After studying and working with sharks for almost 15 years, it is my hope that I can use my skills to translate overly complicated science, and make recent research in shark science and conservation open-access to everybody.

Sophie A Maycock BSc(Hons) MSc

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- Get in touch -

Have you found a cool article about sharks? Do you have a question you would me to try to answer?
Please feel free to drop me a line...

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