If you feel passionate about sharks and you would like to get involved in their conservation, there are many groups you can follow to stay up-to-date on sharks news and contribute to their protection.


Join Shark Guardian

UK charity fin-spiring change and marine conservation through education programs, research projects and diving expeditions.
Great merchandise for sale to support their mission.


Join the Shark Trust

UK-based team creating positive change for sharks by working towards real-world conservation solutions on a global scale.

Produce a fin-tactic magazine about recent shark discoveries and conservation initiatives, which can be delivered to your door.

#DoSomeFin #Maketime4Makos


Support the Shark Angels

Awesome international team going into the field, often accompanied by the news media, to defend sharks from fishing and exploitation.
Brilliant shark adoption gift packs available (including plushie shark toy- who doesn't want that!?)


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